Fogbee Spring Tour - USBR 23 and Return
April 24'th through the 29'th

. . The basic plan was to cycle USBR 23 from the Kentucky state line to Ardmore, AL over 3 days, and cycle back over the next 3 days to East Nashville, TN (or to Hendersonville, TN according to group preference)Click here for detailed schedule and daily routeAlthough this ride was planned for six days, bicyclists at various locations along the route.  The pace was casual.  They photo-documented the route, services, and points of interest as they rode and had SAG support that carried a limited amount of luggage per person.   

. . Although the tour coordinators made some advance preparation at the Nashville Downtown Hostel and Henry Horton State Park Inn, each person was responsible for his or her own motel arrangementsTo help keep the costs down, all accommodations were planned to sleep 2 cyclists (only the Nashville Downtown Hostel will sleep 4) per room.   

. . The reservations at the Nashville Downtown Hostel were a special arrangement which the management permitted for this group.  (Click here for info.) Normally, guests with addresses within 60 miles of the Hostel were not permitted to stay at the Hostel.  They chose to stay at the HOSTEL as a unique experience on this ride.  Many of the participants stayed at home and returned in time for departure.

. .  Family and friends were invited to join any part of the ride.  Because Henry Horton State Park provided the best lodging and services on this ride, the night at Henry Horton State Park was the best night for spouses, significant others, family, friends and pets to join the group.   Everyone was invited to dinner (x pets), stay overnight, enjoy the lodge and park and see the group off the next morning. 

This ride was an announcement by bicyclists of mutual interest.  There were no fees to participate. All participants recognized that road bicycling has an inherent risk and by choosing to participate they fully understood and assumed that risk and were completely responsible for their own and only their own accommodations and safety.  Several participants agreed to assist others in making arrangements, but they should not have been considered organizers or to have had any responsibility what-so-ever for anyone who chose to participate.